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While Paying One of the Lowest Platform Fee in the Industry

Fandome offers you a platform to turn your creativity into a steady source of income. We put you before a large audience, help you build a loyal fanbase, and bring you opportunities to grow. Your fans get exclusive access to your content, and you get paid for their engagement. Leave it to Fandome to make it incredibly simple and convenient for our subscribers to follow you and consume your content. The subscriber simply buys one universal subscription fee and that fee is distributed proportionately among creators based on the level of engagement they generate.

The more your subscribers engage with you, simply put the more you earn.

One Platform, One Subscription

Your fans don’t have to wonder, “Is this content worth my money?” every time they want to view, download, listen to, or enjoy your work. With a simplified subscription plan, Fandome gives them exclusive access to all content on the platform. No more pay per access, download, engagement, or view.

Fan-powered Royalties

A revolutionary monetization strategy, fan-powered royalties distribute each fan’s subscription fee among content creators in a fair and transparent way. Your share of earnings from each fan is directly proportional to your content’s share in their engagement with the platform.

Take Control of Your Income

Stop worrying about where your next paycheck will come from. Our subscriptions allow fans to reward their favorite artists and creators by following their pages and consuming more of their content. So, create what your fans love, and keep growing your income, month after month.

Grow Your Brand and Reach

Fans get unlimited, exclusive access to all the Fandome content with just one subscription. Such a simplified approach breaks down barriers. Creators get the opportunity to publish high quality content, expand their reach and become a known across and beyond the platform.

Different Content Types




Live Stream



Why Admirium?

We Are Fair

You get paid for the amount of engagement you generate from your fans. Period.

We Take Little

In an industry that’s notorious for in some cases keeping up to 55% of the platform’s earnings, we charge only 10%

We Push the Merch

The money is in the merch. Create another income stream by selling yours in our built in store

We Help You Grow

By giving you global reach, we unlock a world of opportunities for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fan powered royalties model and similar membership models are tried and tested monetization strategies used by multiple big name platforms.

Yes. Users without a membership can view content that’s been made available through ads. Our creators have full control over whether their content, and which of their content, is available to such free users. We envision some creators like podcasters and live streamers to take advantage of this feature to expand their reach. That said, paying admirers are never shown any ads.

No. Fandome works by giving all users unlimited access to all content on the platform once they’ve purchased the subscription. No more gated content.

No. Fandome offers a single, universal subscription plan to users, no matter how much content they consume on the platform.

On our merch store, however, you can sell a diverse range of physical as well as digital merchandize.

Payments for each month’s earnings are made on the first of the subsequent month.

We make use of a fan-powered royalties algorithm that takes into account 2 variables, time spent by admirers on your page, and the number of times your page is accessed.

Of course. You can set the content that you want to only be accessible to your fans. However, following you doesn’t cost the users any additional fee. All paying members of Fandome can follow you for free.

Of course. Firstly, you can manually approve users who can follow you. Secondly, anyone who follows you cannot unfollow you for up to 2 days. This prevents users from following you, viewing some content and then unfollowing you. It also discourages content theft.

Only followers can buy your merch. So, members must be following you to be able to shop on your merch page.

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